Telstra Unlock iPhone

You can Telstra Unlock iPhone in no time! Basically you just need to ring a special Telstra number and give them your mobile number and IMEI.
See our full guide below for all the juicy details.

Thanks to the iPhone repair experts down in Ballarat for writing this (iPhone repairs Ballarat).

Step 1 Write down these two numbers:

You need to be able to provide these two pieces of information to Telstra:

  1. Telstra mobile number – It’s supposed to be your Telstra number however it can actually be any Telstra mobile. For example if you’re on Optus but just bought a Telstra iPhone off a mate you can just give them his Telstra number.
  2. The IMEI number of the iPhone that’s getting the unlock. This sounds techi but is really dead easy to look up. To get this just bring up your iPhone number pad by pressing the call button then typing in *#06#. On the screen you should see a very long number come up. E.g 012996007267976. Just jot this one down down as you will need it later. Check out our full IMEI guide lookup guide here for more info on how to do this

Nice one – you’re half done! Now you just need to ring Telstra! (don’t worry, it’s not as painful as it sounds!)
Step 2 Ring Telstra
To get to the specific Telstra unlock iPhone service you need to call their general number 132 200 and say Unlock when the autobot asks you what you’re calling about.
This is the fastest sequence of answers to say to the machine:

  1. Unlock
  2. Yes
  3. Network unlock
  4. Yes
  5. Network unlock
  6. Yes
  7. Type in your Telstra mobile number
  8. You will need to chat with someone from Telstra to complete the unlock however I’ve found it pretty painless the last few times I’ve done it. Just give them your IMEI number when they ask!

They will then do the unlock on their end. Lastly you just need to update your carrier settings

Step 3 Update Carrier Settings

After Telstra unlocks your iPhone on their end you need to wait a little while and then finish the process with one file step – Updating the Carrier Settings. The quoted 72 hours is way more than you need and I’ve usually found that you can finish it off within a few hours.
It could be as simple as turning your iPhone off and on again and allowing the settings to update through your SIM card. Try this first and if that doesn’t do anything just plug your iPhone into iTunes and it will ask you whether or not you wish to update your carrier settings. Just tap yes and you’ll be on your way!
If you get stuck you could check out our full guide on updating your carrier settings.

Woot! You’re free!

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